We are striving to use affordable sensors, but still keeping a high quality for the imagines. The sensors used at the back of the film TLR can be either included into a camera module - and will require an additional optical correction for the imagine behind the taking lens-, either with a crop sensor at the back. Both solutions requires to have a processing unit, that can be either a micro-computer, a Rasperberry Pi or a custom made hardware module.

The apps are used to sync with the camera's settings, all pictures being made in a manual mode. The video module can be used, but will require the cameras shutter to be locked on the B mode. 

Power banks or batteries are placed inside of the camera at the rolling film location. 

Power flexibility
Apps Development
 Sensor afodability

The film TLR camera shutter input for flash release can be used to trigger the sensor's digital imagine capture process.

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