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Our vision is to use the TLR film camera as it is, with any body alterations. You can keep your camera for film or insert the sensor inside and make it digital by using film camera optics!


We are still pioneering this field. There are multiple ways to do it, and we found some cool ones.

Join us to discover more!

About the Digital Twin Lens Reflex System: DTLRs

We are a start-up company that strives to revive the film TLR camera by adding a digital system inside of the camera. We have already applied to several Canadian patents regarding power banks, camera modules, and sensor systems. We are widening our partnership with world wide companies in the camera manufacturing business to bring this marketing segment to everyone. 

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do you have a film TLR camera? use it. Then, let our sensors use the lens to tell your story.

a Visionary image: combining Film with digital


Our goal is to produce an affordable sensor system for film TLR cameras by using the camera's film optics and built in flash data input.​


To make it happen; don't trow away your old film TLR camera, it is still valuable to work with as a digital camera. 

​Make your old TLR camera new again!


research Includes

3D Print Kit Design

D-TLRs Power Banks

Raspberry Pi Modules

Mini-computer Modules

Digital Back Sensors

​Capture Apps Concept